The Imperfect You

We as humans are very critical, towards others and also ourselves. Especially ourselves. Why is that? We want to be the best. To be seen as perfect in the eyes of others. But what we don’t realise is that, the person that needs to see us as perfect is ourselves.
We are so focused on our flaws and imperfections that we beat our self up for not being “up to standard”. We are more than those flaws and imperfections but we can’t see it plainly because we care so much about what others thinks. Insecurities. Everyone has it, including myself. I used to be so conscious about curly hair because as a Chinese, silky straight hair is a sign of beauty. People always comment on how my hair is messy unravel. That really made me feel bad about myself and throughout my high school days, I would constantly straighten my hair. Now that I think back, it was stupid. Why am I doing so much just to get affirmation from strangers?
I stopped straightening my hair and feel bad at one point in my life when a lady said this to me, ” I really liked how you have natural curly hair. I’m jealous.” That is when I realise that you can’t please everyone. Everyone has their own sets of preference. One may find it ugly and another may find it beautiful. All you have to do is embrace what you have and change not because of other people’s preference but because it is your own.
Most of the time people don’t even realise you have those physical flaws or imperfections. There are some that even thinks that it is attractive. Don’t like how you sound like when you laugh? There is guy or girl out there that thinks it is cute. Insecure about how your lips curl when you smile? There is someone out there that thinks it is charming. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Perfect or imperfect is a matter of preference and the most important person that needs to see yourself as perfect, is you!
Don’t compare yourself with others for what they have. Even the most good-looking person in the world have insecurities. Change your insecurities into strength. Those physical features are your trademark. Put it out and show it off. Because you know why?
You are the shine in someone’s star.  

8 thoughts on “The Imperfect You

  1. Hey, i really like your style of writing, simple and to the point. And this writeup is so very true. We have become so self conciuos that a lot of our good time is spent in mending ourselves to suit the world out, but you cant always please everyone, so it is much better to be what you are, and how you are and make a difference.

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  2. Amazing thought! others will have faith in you when you have faith in yourself! But we fail to realize this and try to change according to widely accepted norms. But you have a great point – ‘Perfect or imperfect is a matter of preference and the most important person that needs to see yourself as perfect, is you!’
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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