Don’t Envy

Greed is part of human nature. We all want things that others have. We envy them for what they have. We yearn for the things they have. Be it money, objects or even life. I am no exception. I always envy those that have the ability to live life the way they want. The courage they have to pursue their passion as an entrepreneur. It is something I have longed for but couldn’t find the courage to take the first step. Fear of failing. I envy those that have the courage that I don’t.

Some may envy others for their financial capabilities, their beauty or their lifestyle. As great as other people’s life as it seems, not all are without problems. Everyone have their own problem and worries. It is not all sunshine and rainbow. A rich man may have family issue. A beautiful girl may have their own insecurities. A businessman may have health issue. All this are what we don’t see and won’t know.

In all honesty, not one person would air out their problems for the world to see. So, don’t envy. Just the best version of you and use these people as an inspiration instead of object of envy.

Don’t Lie to Yourself

Throughout our life, we tell lies. We lie to protect ourselves and we lie to protect others. Most of the time it is to cover up our wrong doing, to make believe about something that does not exist or simply a beautiful lie towards another. Big or small, ugly or beautiful, we all lie. But what we fail to realise is that every day, we lie to ourselves.
“I don’t need love! I can live my life by myself.”
No, that is not true. Deep down, we all want someone to love and someone to love us back. It is only natural and simply human nature. Humans evolved to have strong bonds between each other to keep the children alive and it is one of the reasons why humans are the only mammal that works in pair. Evolution does the trick to keep two people together by secreting hormones in the brain to bind them together as one to ensure the survival of the young. Those hormones include dopamine and oxytocin or simply called love. Of course, unlike ages ago, we don’t actually need to depend on someone to protect and provide us food anymore, we are completely capable of that now ourselves. Even so, we are all beings that wants love and we are wired to be like that. Now, some of you might get all offended and thinks, “Who is she to tell me that I am lying to myself? I am not lying when I say I don’t need love.” There is only one question I have for that,
“If one day a person appear and they are the one, will you accept them and the love they bring? Or will you reject it because you simply do not want love?”
It is simple as that, when the time comes and when the right person appear, we all jump at it. This does not necessarily means you need to throw everything away in search for love and lose yourself, but simply accept that it is okay to want love. We all do.
Don’t lie to yourself. 

Broken Pieces

Growing up and going through life is a journey. This journey has ups and downs, but at times it is so down that we lose ourselves. Our heart and soul were left broken in pieces. Falling into despair, we find living a struggle. Many find it easier to end their life, to make it all go away and finally be at peace.
Never. Ever. Ever. Do that. You are not making the pain go away by ending your life, you are passing the pain to your parents, your family and your friends. It will never go away. It will only pass on to people that love you. Suicide is not a solution, it is an avoidance.
I know it is hard, to get up again. It is. In life, pain is inevitable. To feel pain simply means we are alive. Turn those pain into strength. Fight it and fight it hard. Fight for your future. Fight for your happiness. Fight for life itself. It doesn’t matter how hard you fall or how long it takes for you to get up. As long as you try and as long as you continue doing so, that is all that matters.
One day, those broken pieces will come together and you will be complete again. Believe and hope. No matter how dark and painful the world may seem, know that you are not alone. Extend your arm and you will see that there are a lot of people who are willing to hold your hand and walk the journey of life with you.
Get up and never give up. 

The Imperfect You

We as humans are very critical, towards others and also ourselves. Especially ourselves. Why is that? We want to be the best. To be seen as perfect in the eyes of others. But what we don’t realise is that, the person that needs to see us as perfect is ourselves.
We are so focused on our flaws and imperfections that we beat our self up for not being “up to standard”. We are more than those flaws and imperfections but we can’t see it plainly because we care so much about what others thinks. Insecurities. Everyone has it, including myself. I used to be so conscious about curly hair because as a Chinese, silky straight hair is a sign of beauty. People always comment on how my hair is messy unravel. That really made me feel bad about myself and throughout my high school days, I would constantly straighten my hair. Now that I think back, it was stupid. Why am I doing so much just to get affirmation from strangers?
I stopped straightening my hair and feel bad at one point in my life when a lady said this to me, ” I really liked how you have natural curly hair. I’m jealous.” That is when I realise that you can’t please everyone. Everyone has their own sets of preference. One may find it ugly and another may find it beautiful. All you have to do is embrace what you have and change not because of other people’s preference but because it is your own.
Most of the time people don’t even realise you have those physical flaws or imperfections. There are some that even thinks that it is attractive. Don’t like how you sound like when you laugh? There is guy or girl out there that thinks it is cute. Insecure about how your lips curl when you smile? There is someone out there that thinks it is charming. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Perfect or imperfect is a matter of preference and the most important person that needs to see yourself as perfect, is you!
Don’t compare yourself with others for what they have. Even the most good-looking person in the world have insecurities. Change your insecurities into strength. Those physical features are your trademark. Put it out and show it off. Because you know why?
You are the shine in someone’s star.  

Religion Around the World

The most debatable topic of all, religion. There are approximately 4,300 religions around the world, Christianity with the highest number of believers. It is no doubt that with so many religions around, there bound to have conflicts and recent events have already proven that point more than enough.

Religion is about doing good and bringing peace. So, why are we fighting each other just because other people have a different set of believe? No matter what religion it is, it all wants to bring the good out of everyone.
A true believer is a person that respects other people’s belief even if it is different from our own. Personally I am not religious. I have encountered so many religious people who came up to me and says, “It is still not too late to start believing. God will forgive you. ” ,   ” You will go to Hell for not acknowledging God ” and “Why don’t you believe in God? “
Please people, it is a choice whether a person choose to believe or not. Don’t ever come up to a person and tell them all those. That is just plain disrespectful and rude. I don’t ever go up to you and say ” God is not real! ” so why are you putting me down for my believe? That goes the same for atheist out there, never, ever say that to a believer. It works both way. Plus, some believers think it is their right to tell that other religions are fake and theirs is real. The nerve they have. Religion is one thing, manners is another.
You do you and I’ll do me.

Give ‘Em Credits

Over here I would like to give credits to those that got their shit together and have control of their life. I have seen many people encouraging and complimenting people that have turn their life from bad to good.

A former 300 pound man had slimmed down to a mere 120 pound within 6 months. A heavy smoker quit after 10 years of smoking. A heroin addict is finally clean after years of being an addict. All of them have something in common, motivation. They were praised and looked up to as an inspiration to others that could not or even in the process of achieving what they have achieved. They are great people, they show much dedication and self perseverance in the things they want.

My only question is, What about the people who got their shit together all this while? Them that have been doing a good all this while for themselves. Why aren’t there anyone giving them credits? Over here I would like to give it to them the credits they deserve. So to all those people who have been living their life with strong discipline,


Good job for maintaining your figure and health all these years. Good job for not getting involved with drugs and able to control yourself from getting addicted. Good job for being a responsible person and not make your family worry about you. Good job for not being an alcoholic. And good job for keeping yourself in check and not letting yourself go. You did not succumb to temptation. So kudos to you.